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Shoehorns to Christmas ornaments, vases, bowls, lidded boxes, belaying pins, name tags and chopsticks; unique miniature collapsible “castles” to an award winning hand carved Cowboy Hat.  Dave's involvement with the Los Angeles Maritime Institute has allowed him to enjoy his love of woodworking as well as gain a fervor for sailing simultaneously. Nautical items and custom woodworking for boats and tall ships are some of Dave’s specialties. “There is a real joy in bringing out the hidden beauty in an otherwise drab looking piece of wood. You may not be able to judge a book by its cover; but as you peel away the outer layers, a genuine and unique beauty begins to emerge -that’s when art happens.”

Skills Include

  • Custom Woodworking
  • Repairs
  • Special Orders
  • Designs

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view my portfolio. Then, let my lathe tell a story.

Morgan Wood Art
Passionate World Class Woodworking

About Morgan Wood Art

Dave Morgan is a Southern California artist who has been working with local and exotic hardwoods for over 25 years. This combination of passion for woodworking and years of experience have established him as a leader in this ancient handcraft. His expertise with a multitude of different styles and techniques have led him to undertake wildly differing projects. Everything from Native American style flutes to square edged sushi plates; an 8 foot tall cross to a ½ inch wine glass to a 54 ounce beer tankard.